Speak Lit Circle

I learned that literature circles are really important to deeply understand the book your reading. I think that during this discussion I could have talked more and given more examples. I think that it was really helpful to video tape our discussion because it gives us an opportunity to look back on it and more deeply understand what we were talking about.


My Favorite Place To Go

Ever since I was a baby my family has gone to Michigan. Our family has five cabins right on the lake, they’ve been there for years. It’s an old family tradition, we use it kinda like a meeting spot for all of our family. Tons of generations have visited there. I love going there to relax and sort of get away from everything else. Theres also so much to do there like swimming in the lake, tubing, waterskiing, kayaking, etc. Although my favorite thing to do is to drive the boat into town for ice cream and walk on the beach while watching the sunset. The best part is now that I’m old enough I can get my boating license, so that I can drive my friends and I into town for lunch and shopping. That’s why Michigan is my favorite place to go.

Earth Hour 2015

Earth Hour is an annual event where big city’s and monuments turn out their lights at 8:30 where ever you are in the world for an hour. This special event is supposed to get people to think about ways they can help the earth and take action.

I think this was a really smart way for city’s and country’s all over the world to come together and take action. This event has made a huge impact on our earth and has really made a difference. I think a lot of people think that they don’t have the power to make a difference, but even the little things help.

Help us to make a difference and join the hour!

March 28, 2015 at 8:30

We Were Liars #2

During our literature circle, we summarized what we have read so far. We also discussed the themes we noticed and interesting parts and quotes we noticed as we read. Our discussion went pretty well, we did get off topic once in a while but, we usually come back to the book. One of my favorite quotes is “Be normal, now. Right now. Because you are. Because you can be.” This quote comes up a lot in the book. I think Cadence says this to try to convince herself that she is normal but, in reality she isn’t.

We Were Liars #1

Our group is reading “We Were Liars” by E. Lockhart. So far I have read to chapter 20. This book is about a girl named Cadence and her family that has a private island where they meet every summer. So far Cadence has fall in love with a boy named Gat, a family friend that visits the island each summer. Cadence thought Gat felt the same way but soon realized Gat has a girlfriend back home in New York. Their feelings go back and forth, until the accident. Her memories blur, as she tries to remember what really happened that night in summer fifteen and what happened to Gat. I wonder if Cadence will ever remember what happened that night. Will Cadence ever see Gat again or has she lost him forever.


Of Mice and Men Chapter One Lit Circle

In class we are reading Of Mice and Men. We have just finished the first chapter. Usually in class after we finish reading part of the book we talk about it in little group discussions called student lead literature circles. These lit circles are lead only by students, no teachers allowed. Starting a discussion like this is always hard, but once someone asks a question or brings up an important event happening in the book, then the discussion starts to get interesting.

American Teenager Project

Emily, age 13, California

“My earliest memory is probably pre-school. I wasn’t really like any of the other girls in my pre-school. All the girls used to hang out at the tire swing, and I didn’t really like that, so I used to hang out with all the guys, and we used to play Lion King on this big climbing structure, and I had to be Mufasa, and they’d have to push me off, and it was all just really fun. Oh, and also, when I was little, my mom, brother, and I used to play Red Light Green Light. My mom would say, ‘Green Light!’ and we’d have to run to the bed as fast as we could and whoever got there first would win, but sometimes she would say, ‘Red Light!’ and we’d have to freeze and whoever moved lost. So, one time, my brother tried to trip me so he would win; I almost broke my arm, which was bad.” [laughs]

“Probably just hanging out with my friends, ‘cause it kind of just relieves the stress of school, and volleyball, and all my other activities that I have going on. And probably, during the summer is also really nice because we don’t have school and it kind of is just a place where you can just hang out. And going to Michigan is really nice at our summer place. Just like, eating ice cream and walking down the beach. Also Christmas time is really fun because baking cookies with my mom is really fun while my dad and my brother set up the Christmas tree and stuff.”

“Well, I have a mom, and a dad, and an older brother, who’s in college right now. And, we get along really, really nice, actually. My brother always says that it’s his job to be mean to me, [laughs] but I know that isn’t true!”

“Well, I definitely want to help people and make a difference, you know, and I really like animals, so I would probably – I really want to be a veterinarian – but, I mean, I don’t really think that is going to come true. My mom also tried to be a veterinarian when she was little, so I kinda want to pick that up, ‘cause it didn’t really work out for her.”

“Hmm. My biggest fear would probably be not getting into the high school I want, or not being accepted by the people there, or just, not having any friends.”

“Probably stress. Because I’m always really stressed out with school, and like, if I miss a day of school, then there’s a lot of homework that I miss, and I have to make it up, or also high school is a really big thing right now. And I’m kind of scared about the SSAT, because I did really bad on my practice test, so that’s a really big thing right now too. And, also, I have fear that I’m not gonna get into a high school that I like, or that people aren’t going to like me there.”

“I play volleyball, so right now I am doing CYO, and I am on the school volleyball team, which is really fun. And I also ride horses with my mom on the weekends, which is really fun.

“I actually just talked to him yesterday for the first time, and it was actually really fun. He told me about how his fraternity is going in college, he joined a fraternity, and he was telling me how he drives a pickup everywhere and about his friends and stuff, which is really fun. And he told me about high school, and told me that it will be okay and everything, so it was really fun. But yeah, it’s been really hard. [without him]”

“Probably English and science because English is really fun and in science I like doing experiments and learning about, I don’t know, I just think science is really interesting, learning about how everything is connected. Oh! And also I want to be a marine biologist, that too. But that will probably not happen either. I don’t know what will happen.”

“Let’s see. A perfect day…Probably sleeping in just til maybe nine, and getting up, and, oooh! making pancakes with my family, and then hanging out with my friends or something, or going on a trail ride, that’s really fun too…or playing a volleyball game, that’s fun.”